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Demystifying GST/HST Credit and Rebate in Canada


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GST and HST are common taxes Canadians encounter when making purchases. But did you know that there are rebates and credits available to help you save money?


Understanding GST/HST Rebate and Credit :

  • HST/GST Credit :

The GST/HST Credit is a tax-free quarterly payment made by the government to help low and modest-income individuals and families offset the GST or HST they pay. To be eligible, taxpayer must file their income tax return and CRA will determine eligibility based on taxpayer’s family income and number of dependents.

  • New Housing Rebate :

If taxpayer buy a new or substantially renovated home in Canada, they may be eligible for a GST/HST New Housing Rebate. This rebate helps taxpayers offset some of taxes paid on purchase. To qualify, taxpayer must meet specific criteria including using property as their primary residence.

  • First-Time Home Buyers’ Rebate :

First-time homebuyers may also qualify for a GST/HST rebate, in addition to the New Housing Rebate. This rebate can provide extra financial relief for those taking their first steps into homeownership.

  • Public Service Bodies’ Rebate :

Certain non-profit organizations, charities, municipalities, and other public service bodies can claim a rebate for the GST/HST paid on eligible purchases. This helps these organizations recover some of their tax expenses.

  • Tourism Rebate :

If you’re a non-resident visitor to Canada and you’ve paid GST/HST on short-term accommodations or eligible tour packages, you may be eligible for a rebate under the Foreign Convention and Tour Incentive Program.

– Remember to consult with a professional tax consultant for the most up-to-date information and eligibility criteria to ensure taking full advantage of these beneficial programs.