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How to Apply for Employment Insurance (EI) in Canada


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Anyone who are living in Canada and find themself in need of financial assistance due to unemployment, Employment Insurance(EI) program can provide them support during those challenging time.

EI is a federal program managed by Service Canada that offers temporary financial benefits to eligible individuals inclusing who have lost their jobs or are unable to work or are affected by flooding or wildfires.


Step 1: How to Determine EI Applicant’s Eligibility

Before applying for EI, applicant must ensure that they meet eligibility criteria. To qualify, individual must have worked a sufficient number of insurable hours in the past 52 weeks or since last EI claim (whichever is shorter). 

Additionally, they must have lost their job through no fault of their own and be actively seeking new employment. In certain situations like illness or maternity leave, other eligibility criteria may apply.


Step 2: How to Gather Required Information for EI

To complete application process smoothly, gather the necessary information before starting. Applicant will need their social insurance number, contact information, employment history (including dates, employers and reasons for job separation) and banking information for direct deposit of benefits.


Step 3: How to Apply for EI Online

The most convenient way to apply for EI in Ontario is by visiting the official Service Canada website. Look for “Employment Insurance” section and select “Apply”. Follow on-screen instructions, providing accurate information for each section.


Step 4: How to Complete EI Questionnaire

During application process, applicant need to complete a detailed questionnaire. Applicant have to answer all questions truthfully and to best of their knowledge. That questionnaire helps Service Canada determine applicant’s eligibility and appropriate benefit amount.


Step 5: How to Review and Submit EI Application

Before submitting application, applicant must carefully review all provided details for accuracy. Double-check personal information, employment history, and responses to the questionnaire. Then click the “Submit” button to send application to Service Canada for processing.


Step 6: Wait for the Decision

After submitting EI application, Service Canada will assess applicant’s eligibility and process their claim. Processing time can vary depending on complexity of applicant’s case and current workload of pending applications. 

During this period, applicant must continue to search for employment and be prepared to provide additional information if requested.


Step 7: How to Receive EI Benefit Payment

If EI application is approved, applicant will start receiving their benefit payments through direct deposit. The payment frequency and amount will depend on applicant’s specific situation and the information provided in their application.