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Tax and Accounting Services for Independent Contractor

When it comes to independent contractor accounting and tax matters, Veracity Accounting is your go-to expert. 

We provide top-notch accounting and tax services in independent contractors at cost-effective and competitive rates.

What is an independent contractor?

An independent contractor is a self-employed professional who provides services on their own terms and is not employed by anyone. They can be consultants,  real estate agents, freelancers or contractors in various industries. 

Unlike employees, independent contractors have different work structures and handle their financial paperwork differently. 

Accounting requirement and ax obligations for independent contractors in Canada are distinct from those of employees due to the nature of their work. They are responsible for tracking and recording their own income and expenses since no organization manages their pay or records for them.

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What type of accounting does an independent contractor have to do?

Managing Bookkeeping or Payroll or Taxes are important aspects of accounting for independent contractors. As they often work independently, they need to handle complex tax and accounting tasks on their own. It’s important to stay organized and fulfill CRA obligations to ensure smooth financial management as an independent contractor.

Customized Services for Independent Contractors

Customized Services for Independent Contractors

Are you a contractor facing accounting and taxation challenges? 

We’re here to help. At Veracity Accounting, we provide a free consultation to understand your needs and offer effective bookkeeping or payroll solutions for all your accounting requirements. 

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