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Taxes For Non-Resident

Veracity Accounting is fully aware of the complex nature of non-resident taxes.
We can handle your individual and business needs for filing non-resident tax.

Are you a non-resident of Canada for tax purposes?

Some people need clarification to determine if they are residents of Canada or not in the eyes of CRA for tax purposes.

If an individual lives in some other country, they are automatically considered a non-resident of Canada for tax puopose.

Suppose an individual partly lives in Canada and partly in some other country. In that case, they are considered a non-resident as long as they live in Canada for less than 183 days of a tax year and have no significant resident ties with Canada.

If a person spends 183 days in Canada and has few ties, he will be considered a non-resident.
But, if an individual spends 183 days in Canada and has a spouse, a home, or a car in the country, he may be considered a resident.

It is better to contact a expert income tax accountant before filing return to ensure you declare the proper status for tax purpose.

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We can Help in Non-resident Corporate Tax Scenarios

We can Help in Non-resident Corporate Tax Scenarios

  • Non-resident corporations claiming treaty exemption must notify CRA and require to get a certificate of compliance under section 116 of CRA.
  • Rental income from Canada is subject to 25% withholding tax on gross income.
     A corporation is subject to a 15% non resident withholding tax on any fee charged or any other amount received for services rendered in Canada.
  • If non-resident corporations dispose of Canadian taxable property, they must notify and require a certificate of compliance issued by CRA.

Non-resident Tax Calculator

The non-resident tax calculator is for ease of clients.

Note* :  You must assume the risk of errors associated with it.

Non-resident Tax Calculator