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Old Age Security (OAS) Pension Payments:
All You Need to Know


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Old Age Security pension payments are an important financial support system for seniors in Canada.


What is the Old Age Security Pension Payment?

Old Age Security pension payments are a monthly financial benefit provided by government to individuals who have reached a certain age and meet specific residency requirements. Old age pension payments are designed to help seniors maintain a basic standard of living during their retirement years.


Who is Eligible for OAS Pension Payment?

  • Age Individual must be 65 years of age or older.
  • Residency Status : Individual must be a Canadian citizen or a legal resident of Canada for at least 10 years since the age of 18.

It’s important to note that the age requirement is gradually increasing to 67 years, starting with individuals born in 1958 or later.


How to Apply for OAS Pension Payment:

  • Application : Individuals can apply for OAS pension payments up to 6 months before they turn 65 (or the eligible age if it has increased). They can apply online through the official government website or by filling out a paper application and mailing it in.
  • Documents : Individual will need to provide supporting documents, including proof of age, proof of residency and your social insurance number(SIN).
  • Processing: After submitting application, it will be processed by CRA. If approved, individual will start receiving their monthly OAS pension payments.



Important Points to Consider:

  • Is IOS is Taxable :  Keep in mind that OAS pension payments are considered taxable income. CRA may withhold taxes from OAS pension payments, or taxpayer can choose to have taxes deducted at source.
  • Other Benefits of IOS : OAS pension payments can be supplemented with other retirement benefits like Canada pension plan(CPP) or other private pensions.
  • International Considerations: If individual leave Canada for an extended period, their OAS payments may be affected. It is important to understand rules regarding OAS payments and international residency.

In summary, when it comes to managing your OAS pension payments, enlisting the services of a CPA firm in Torotnto can streamline the process, optimize your benefits, and ensure a worry-free retirement.