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Self Employed Tax Return Filing Services

When it comes to self employed taxes, Veracity Accounting is your go-to tax expert. We specialize in selfemployed taxes and provide services at cost-effective and competitive rates.

Who is a selfemployed person?

Being self-employed means an individual is incharge of their own business, handling everything from client acquisition to accounting and tax responsibilities.

Whether they are freelancers, small business owners or independent contractors, the flexibility of selfemployment comes with important tasks like Bookkeeping, Tax filing and meeting legal
tax requirements and CRA deadlines.

At Veracity Accounting, we understand the unique needs of selfemployed entrepreneurs and contractors and. We offer tax and bookkeeping services to help them navigate these responsibilities, ensuring them stay on top of financial matters while focusing on growing their business.

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Why does a self-employed need a tax accountant?​

Expertise in tax laws

When it comes to self-employed tax help, our skilled CPA accountant is here to provide expert guidance. 

Our tax accountants understand the importance of complying with tax regulations and we’ll ensure tax payments are accurate and in line with CRA requirements.

Save time and reduce stress

When it comes to self-employed tax online, hiring us ensures that our client can devote their full attention to their business.

While our expert tax accountants handles all tax matters.
We understand the importance of streamlining client’s tax processes.

Maximize deductions

Veracity Accounting’s tax accountants dedicated to assist clients in navigating the complexities of tax regulations.

Our expertise enables us to help clients identify and take advantage of all eligible tax credits, resulting in effective minimization of their tax liability.

Avoid mistakes

Filing taxes can be a complex process, and even small mistakes can result in costly penalties. 

At Veracity Accounting, our dedicated CPA in Toronto specializes in assisting self-employed clients. 


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Why choose Veracity Accounting?

Veracity Accounting offers top-notch tax and accounting services for selfemployed individuals, focusing on their specific needs. 

As a trusted accounting firm in Toronto experts in selfemployed tax filings. We understand the unique challenges you face. 

Our personalized tax services are tailored to meet self-employed persons requirements and ensure compliance with CRA rules. 

Our team of experienced tax accountants in toronto is readily available for consultations via email or phone, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire process.