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T5 Slip:
"Investment Income Reporting"


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A taxpayer in Canada who earns investment income, it’s important to familiarize with T5 slip.

T5 slip is a document that reports income earned from various investment sources.

What is a T5 Slip?

A T5 slip is a tax information slip issued by financial institutions to individuals who have earned investment income during the tax year.

 It provides details about the different types of investment income received such as dividends, interest and certain other source of income. T5 slip is important for both taxpayers and CRA as it ensures accurate reporting of investment income.

Who Receives a T5 Slip?

If taxpayer earned investment income from such as from banks, credit unions or other financial institutions, they will receive a T5. 

The financial institution is responsible for providing this slip to that taxpayer typically by the end of February following the tax year.

 It is important to keep track of all the T5 slips their receive, as they will be necessary for accurately reporting their investment income.

What are the Components of T5 Slip:

This slip contains several key pieces of information that you will need when filing your tax return.

Main components of T5 slip:

1. Box 11: This box indicates the amount of eligible dividends you have received during the tax year. Dividends income which is eligible is usually subject to lower tax rate compared to other types of investment income.

2. Box 13: This box reports the amount of non eligible dividends received. Non eligible dividends are usually subject to higher tax rate.

3. Box 15: This box displays the total amount of interest income earned from investments such as bonds, GICs or savings accounts.

4. Box 16: This box shows the amount of foreign income that a taxpayer have earned and may be subject to taxation.

5. Box 18: This box provides information about any other types of income, such as royalties or certain trust distributions, that you have received.

How to Report Investment Income on Tax Return:

When filing tax return, taxpayers must report the information from their T5 slip accurately. Transfer the amounts from each box on this slip to the corresponding sections of tax return.
It’s important to note that the income reported on your T5 slip will be included in total income of taxpayer, which can affect your overall tax liability.

 Ensure that you report all investment income to the CRA to avoid potential penalties or tax audits.

Seeking Professional Help:

If a taxpayer is uncertain about how to report your investment income or have complex investment scenarios, they must consider consulting a CPA accounting firm in Toronto

They can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation and help you comply with Canadian tax laws accurately.