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Tax Consulting Services

Are you in need of a Personal Tax Advisor or searching for a reliable Corporate Tax Consultant? Look no further! We provide top-notch advisory and consulting services to meet your tax needs.

Whether you require personalized guidance for your personal tax matters or professional expertise for your corporate tax affairs, our team of experienced advisors is here to assist you.

What Does a Tax Consultant Do?

A tax consultant is a Chartered Professional Accountant who advises and guides individuals or businesses on various tax-related matters. 

Tax Consultants’ primary role is to help clients minimize their tax liability while ensuring compliance with the CRA’s relevant tax laws and regulations.

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FAQ : How Much Will it Cost You to Get a Tax Consultant Near Me?

Are you considering hiring a professional tax consultant in Toronto? It’s important to understand that the cost of their services can vary based on several factors.

Some tax advisors may charge an hourly rate for their services, while others may have a flat fee structure for specific services. 

When searching for a tax consultant, it’s crucial to choose a reputable and qualified professional who can provide the specific services you need at a fair and reasonable price. Veracity Accounting is a trusted and experienced CPA accounting firm for reliable and competitively priced services tailored to your business needs.

What Services Can You Get From a Tax Consultant?

The specific duties of a consultant may vary depending on their specialization and the needs of their clients. Generally, they may perform the following tasks:

  • Tax planning: Professional tax consultant assist clients in developing and implementing tax strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and circumstances. 
  • Tax advice: Professional tax accountant provide expert advice on a range of tax-related issues, such as tax deductions & credits, exemptions, and tax filing
  • Representation: Tax advisors can represent clients in negotiations with tax authorities, such as in the case of an audit or dispute by CRA.
  • Corporate tax services: Tax consultants can provide a range of corporate tax services, such as tax planning, compliance and advice to corporations and corporation income tax filing.
How to find a Tax Consultant near me?

Looking for Best Tax Consultant Near you?

Tax consultants at Veracity Accounting are experienced in making tax plans and advising individuals and businesses on different tax matters. 

We offer online tax consultancy services to make the tax-saving process even more convenient and easy for our clients. We value your time !