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Capital Dividend Account and Form T2054


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(CDA)Capital Dividend Account is an important aspect of Canadian tax system that allows certain tax free distribution of dividends. 

To facilitate this process CRA has introduced Form T2054, an election form that must be completed to designate a dividend as a capital dividend.

What is Capital Dividend Account?

CDA is a special account maintained by Canadian corporations. It is designed to track tax free portion of capital gains realized from the sale of capital assets. 

When a company generates capital gains, it can allocate a portion of those gains to CDA. The balance in CDA represents amount of tax free dividends that can be distributed to shareholders.


Why Capital Divident Account is Important?

Not all dividends are treated equally when it comes to taxation. Eligible dividends including capital dividendsare subject to lower tax rate than other types of dividends.

 Capital dividends are generally not taxed at all when received by shareholders. By utilizing the CDA and distributing capital dividends, corporations can provide their shareholders with tax-efficient income.


What is Tax Form T2054?

Form T2054 is an election form provided by CRA that allows corporations to designate a dividend as a capital dividend. It is a 3 pages form that needs to be filled out correctly to ensure that dividend remains tax free for shareholders. 

Although form can be a bit confusing. So seeking assistance of an expert tax accountant can help ensure accurate completion and compliance with CRA guidelines.

What is the Importance of Form T2054:

Failing to complete Form T2054 properly can result in unintended tax consequences.

These two things should be avoid:

1. Not having enough funds in the Capital Dividend Account at time of declaring.

2. Avoid paying capital dividend and neglecting to submit election form itself. 

To ensure that dividend a taxpayer intended to be tax-free remains, so it is advisable to consult a qualified tax accountant who can guide through the process and verify its accuracy.



Understanding the Capital Dividend Account (CDA) and CRA Tax Form T2054 is important for Canadian corporations seeking to distribute tax-free dividends to their shareholders.

By correctly completing Form T2054 and utilizing the CDA, corporations can ensure that their shareholders benefit from tax-efficient income.