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What is Form T2200 :
Declaration of Conditions of Employment

T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment is an important form issued by CRA that allows employees to claim certain work-related expenses as tax deductions.

Form T2200 is a form the employer fills out to certify the conditions of employment and that the employee was required to pay for employment expenses.


What is the T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment?

T2200 form is a declaration required by the CRA when an employee seeks to deduct employment-related expenses from their taxable income.

Form T2200 serves as evidence that employee’s job requires them to cover certain costs as part of their work responsibilities.

T2200 form is important for individuals who incur expenses that are not reimbursed by their employer and are essential for carrying out their job duties.


What is the Eligibility Criteria for Claiming Declaration of Conditions of Employment?

To be eligible for claiming employment-related expenses using T2200 form, an employee must meet specific conditions.

The employee’s job description should outline necessity of incurring these expenses and their contract must confirm that they are responsible for these costs.

Additionally, expenses being claimed should not have been reimbursed by employer or any other party.


Which Types of Expenses can be Claimed on T2200?

T2200 form covers a range of expenses that employees may incur while performing their job duties. Some common examples include:

1. Home Office Expenses: If an employee works from home and their job requires a dedicated workspace, they can claim a portion of rent, utilities and other related costs under this.

2. Vehicle Expenses: Employees who use their personal vehicles for work related travel, they can claim a portion of expenses like fuel, maintenance and insurance cost.

3. Supplies and Tools: If an employee needs to purchase tools, equipment or supplies to fulfill their job responsibilities , these cost can also be claimed.

4. Professional Fees: Some jobs require employees to maintain memberships in professional associations. The associated fees can be claimed on T2200 form.

5. Other Expenses: Any other reasonable expenses incurred as a direct result of job requirements, such as cell phone bills, may also be eligible for deduction.


How to Fill T2200 Form?

When completing T2200 form, employee should ensure that the information provided to thier employer is accurate and matches their job description and responsibilities.

Part A – Employee information:

The initial section of t2200 form has important details about employee, including full name, employer address amd job titile and description.

Part A. Form T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment 
Part B – Conditions of employment
box 1 and box 2 :

The next part needs employer to put in information about employee’s daily work situation. These basic questions about employee’s job agreement determine if they need to cover their costs while doing their job tasks.

Part B. Point 1, Point 2. Form T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment 
Part B:  
box 3 – box 5  

The next set of questions are about workers who have to travel to places far from their main workplace. They also need to tell how often they are out of town for work. This part also wants employer to mention if their employee is using their own vehicle or if the company has given them a vehicle.

Part B. box 3, box 4 , box 5. Form T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment

Part B: 
box 6 – box 10

As an employer, it’s essential to address several key questions related to employee expenses. 

There are two categories: those received upon proof of payment and those charged to the employer, such as credit card charges.

In addition to this, consider if the employee’s contract of employment required them to rent an office away from your place of business, employ a substitute or an assistant, pay for supplies used directly in their work, or pay for the use of a cell phone. 

Lastly, did you require the employee to use a portion of their home for work.

We believe this information will help both employers and employees navigate the complexities of expenses, allowances, and reimbursements in the workplace.

Part B. box 6 to box 9. Form T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment

box 11 – box 13 

If the employee in question worked for you(employer) as a tradesperson, please specify if you(employer) required them, as a condition of employment, to purchase and provide tools directly related to their work. Additionally, if you did, confirm whether all the tools itemized on the list provided by the employee satisfy this condition.

If the employee worked as an apprentice mechanic, indicate whether they were registered in a program leading to a mechanic’s designation under Canadian laws.

Lastly, if the employee worked in forestry operations, please confirm if you required them, as a condition of employment, to provide a power saw (including a chain saw or tree trimmer).

Part B. box 11 to box 13. Form T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment